Oldies – Doo Wop – Another Passion

Forgot to mention my passion for music from the late 50’s called oldies or doo wop. The only place you’ll get to hear this type of music is on the internet. The best place to listen is at www.doowopradio4u.com where you’ll hear a different DJ every night between 8 and 10PM. Just sit back and listen or interact with some of the ,listeners and Djs who may be in the chat room. Also, during the day, you can hear the doo wop music streamed for your listening convenience.

Sunday night has Ed the Oldies Knight who who has a lot of back ground info on these groups. Ed will fill you in who started this genre of music and features a group and their music they brought to you towards the end of a Sunday night show. Also, on Monday night, you get an extra treat with Rockin Bob who plays doo wop music. He gives you back ground on the music that was big in the Boston area. He introduced me to the Sophomores and their great music. A DJ is on every night from 8 to 10PM.

Stop by and give a listen. You’ll be back for more each evening.

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