Oldies (Doo Wop) – When I Started To Collect The Tunes

This will be a short clip as to when I started to follow some great music back in the mid 50s. Prior to that time, it was catchy show tunes, popular music and some great Jazz just after the big war. It was on a Sunday night that i noticed my brother Paddy listening to this DJ (Disc Jockey) on the radio called ‘Jocko’.

“Back on the scene with my record machine, saying Ooh Pop A Doo and How Do You Do” was coming out of the radio on the kitchen table. We were being introduced to a new wave of music that was being played. Adults were starting to freak out at the new music and the government was protesting but the young people were adopting music literally overnight.

It was this music that I will be making some comments over time. I don’t ‘have the knowledge of what was going on behind the scene but just appreciate some of these great tunes that will never be played again because the time has moved on and the artist(s) may no longer be here. I can not offer the background that I would like to but can add the tune itself and the reason that I like that particular song.

So, in a brief preview of what I hope to offer over time, is a look at some of the music that was available from the 1050s. Over time, I also became acquainted with newer tunes that were added to my favorite list that I will also play.

In the meantime, here is a typical tune that I found that was gathering dust but still a beautiful tune and by one of my favorite artist, a bass singer Dub Jones of the Coasters with “The Way You look Tonight”.


Click here >>>> http://www.greendougherty.com/yorkville/look.mp3

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