Introducing the greendougherty blog for Yorkville Memories – Memory No.1

I was busy during the last week in trying to figure out blogging on godaddy and all the problems I had to go through. With no IT department, no one at godaddy willing to go the extra mile, I had to make a decision as to how to proceed. Since I already had a few inactive blogs, I figured with a little creativity, I could jump over that wall that prevented me from uploading pictures.

This will be the first attempt at climbing that wall. I like to interact with Yorkville residents, students, neighbors, and classmates in an effort to draw some comments on some of the pictures that I have come across over the years. My goal was to lace the pictures through the avenues and streets of old time Yorkville via schools, bars and restaurants, landmarks, street corners, etc. to give a person of what it was like in our Yorkville. With that in mind, here is the first picture that I want to lace/weave into the avenues and streets of Yorkville.

A Garage on East End Avenue
A Garage on East End Avenue

The names of the individual in this pictures are from left to right: Johnny Walsh, Bobby Hynes, Richie Houlihan, and John Coleman. The picture is from a page I did a few years back on 85th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. There is more of a story behind the picture and I’ll update this page when I can locate the page with the original comments on the picture. I want to connect the names to the proper avenues and streets and that is my goal with the Yorkville with these pictures.

So, when you have a moment, please look at these pictures and see if they evoke a memory of that person, let us know that little thought. I want to leave a small impression on that avenue or street for some of those in these pictures for a later generation.

Saving Yorkville, one picture at a time,

Marty Doughererty #greendougherty

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