Yorkville Pictures – Memories in Pictures – Thomas R. Pryor Photography

Introducing Thomas R. Pryor Photography

I spent the last month reviewing and evaluating the pictures that I acquired over the years on the web site, on the net, and via email. I was unable to recover two hard drives and two computers that housed additional pictures and emails. I was able to recover most of what you will see over the next few months. I have set up a donation button to help defray the costs of maintaining the unusual costs that come about from day to day. It cost money to maintain memories and if you come across the donation button, if you can, I’d appreciate it. If not, don’t worry. Life will still go on.

In the meantime, over the years I was able to utilize a fellow memory keeper, Tommy Pryor. Tommy has set up a Photography site for those of you that would like to capture moments photographed by Tommy Pryor of Yorkville and New York City. Tommy does magic with a camera capturing moments that evoke enormous memories. I’m attaching a link to his site that offers many of these photographs in living color. From looking at these photographs over the years, these photographs make great presents. Without boring you to death, here is a link to Tommy Pryor’s Photography web site.

Thomas R. Pryor Photography

Sharing the memories of Yorkville in pictures,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty

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