Yorkville Group Picture – Picture No. 3 – Updated October 26, 2014

It’s No. 3 because I know there is a No.1 and No.2 out there some where in never, never land of blogs. This is my other blog that will be used to showcase the Yorkville pictures. This will start with the Group Pictures and maybe the Mystery Street Pictures. For now, here is Group Pictures No. 3.

?????????My one hint is the Kovarik family….ring a bell with anyone while I’m searching my picture files for what I originally found.

Liza Skeffington. My friend Barbara Klein spotted picture # 3 this morning. Left to right the 4 girls are Joelle Efthimiou, Deborah Kovarik, Liza Skiffington (who is responding here) and Paula (last name unknown). This was probably taken in about 5th grade about 1963 (?). 09/03/14

Liza Skeffington. Also please know that my mother Jane Skiffington taught @ St. Josephs ( first grade ) for 25 years. She would be well known in Yorkville. 09/04/14

Robert Taschler. Liza, As I recall you had a big German Shepard back then. I was in your sister Laura’s class. Graduated in 1969. Even went to one of her birthday parties in your apartment. And you and your dad came over to visit me when I was hit by a taxi cab in June of 1963. He was a very compassionate man. Said I should not be worried about being banged up so badly. He showed me his arm and explained how he had broken it when he was a kid and they didn’t cast it right and the material used as plaster damaged his arm and he got along just fine in spite of it. I remember when you mom began teaching at SJS. She was a really nice woman. I never heard any student say anything against her. I can not recall, were you in Girl Scouts over at Holy Trinity? If you were then you might recall Mrs. Shimmel, Mrs. Rikers and my mom as leaders. Oh how the years fly by. 09/09/14

Enjoying the Yorkville Memories in pictures,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty

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