Yorkville Schools – Schools Attended by Students from Yorkville

Schools Attended by Yorkville Students

We’re in the process of redoing a new index of the Schools Attended by Students from Yorkville. For those with the correct street and street address please let me know the correct one so that I can make that change below.

  1. All Hallows Institute – Located at 164th and Walton Avenue in the Bronx.
  2. Asissium School – 33 East 60th Street, New York, New York
  3. Aviation High School – Queens Blvd., Queens, New York
  4. Aviation Trade High School – 310 East 67th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues
  5. Benjamin Franklin – On 115th Street and Pleasant Avenue
  6. Blessed Sacrament High School – somewhere on the west side near the 60′s
  7. Brandies (Louis D Brandies) High School – At 145 West 84th Street
  8. Brearley School – 610 East 83rd Street
  9. Bronx High School of Science – At 75 west 205th Street
  10. Cardinal Hayes High School – At 650 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York
  11. Cardinal Spellman High School – 1991 Needham Avenue, Bronx, New York
  12. Cathedral High School – On Lexington Avenue and 51st Street – Moved in 1973) (Cathedrla HS – Wikipedia)
  13. Central Commercial High School – Located at 214 East 42nd Street
  14. Dominican Academy – Commercial High School on 61 or 63rd Street – Need confirmation
  15. Gompers High School – Bronx, New York
  16. Haaren Vocational High School – On 59th Street and 10th Avenue
  17. Haaren Annex – On 91st Street and 3rd Avenue
  18. High School of Art and Design – On Second Ave between 56th & 57th Streets. Moved to 56th street recently.
  19. High School of Commerce – 155 West 65th Street between Broadway and West End Avenues (I believe it was torn down in 1967-68 and Juliard is there now)
  20. Holy Cross Academy – 42nd Street between 8th and 9th Avenues
  21. Hunter College High School – On on 69th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues.
  22. JHS 96 (Richard J Kelly) – On 81st Street and York Avenue
  23. JHS 167 (Wagner Junior High) – At 220 East 76th Street
  24. Julia Richman High School (PS 168) – On 317 East 67th Street
  25. LaSalle Academy – Down on 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue
  26. Loyola High School –  is on 83rd Street and Park Avenue
  27. Machine and metals Trade School – On 96th Street and 1st Avenue
  28. OLGC – Our Lady of Good Counsel – 323 East 91st Street
  29. OLPH – Our Lady of Perpetual Help –  Park and Madison Avenues (across the street from St. Ignatius)
  30. P.S. 6 – On 81st street between Park and Madison Avenues (History of PS 6 – Wikipedia)
  31. P.S. 31 – Yorkville High School – On 88th Street bet 2nd and 3rd Avenues
  32. P.S. 77 – On 1st Avenue between 85th and 86th Street
  33. P.S. 82 – On 70th Street and 1st Avenue
  34. P.S. 96 – (PS 96 JHS) on East 81st Street
  35. P.S. 99 (Margret Knox Junior High School) – On 1st Avenue between 99th and 100th Streets
  36. P.S. 151 – On First Avenue and 91st Street
  37. P.S. 158 – On 77th Street and York Avenue
  38. P.S. 183 – At 419 East 66th Street
  39. P.S. 190 – On 82nd street between 1st & 2nd Avenues
  40. Power Memorial Academy – 161 West 61st Street on 10th Avenue
  41. Regis High School – On 84th Street between
  42. St. Agnes – On 44th Street between 3rd and Lexington Avenues
  43. St. Catherine of Siena – On 69th Street between 1st and York Avenue
  44. St. Francis Xavier Military Academy – Located at 15th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.
  45. St. Ignatius Loyola Elementary School – On 84th Street between Madison and Park Avenues
  46. St. Ignatius High School – ????
  47. St. Jean Baptiste – 173 East 75th Street the Rectory for the the church is at 184 East 76th St., the church is located on Lexington Ave. between 75th and 76th St., 
  48. St. Joseph – 400 East 87th Street
  49. St. Lawrence Academy – On 84th Street and Madison Avenue
  50. St. Monica – at 416 E. 80th Street between 1st and York Avenue
  51. St. Stephen of Hungary – 408 East 82nd Street between 1st and York Avenues
  52. St. Vincent Ferrer – 161 East 65th Street between Lexington and Third Avenues
  53. Thorpe Secretarial School – At 329 East 63rd Street, 1946-1971 the Sister of St Dominic
  54. VHS (Vocational High School) – Located on 88th Street bet York and 1st Avenue
  55. Washington Irving High School – Near 18th Street
  56. William Howard Taft H S – Bronx, NY
  57. Wood School – East 42nd Street (Opposite Grand Central Station)
  58. Xavier High School – On 16th Street

Contributors to these locations are: Anna Adamovsky, George Anton, Jimmy B, Peter Badini, Katrin Belenky Peck, Dave Burke, Marty Corbett, Nancy Curtiss, JoeD’Amico, Margaret DiCarlo Grub, Gloria DeGiovine, Carol Dottermon, LeDebby Emington Terrell, Kathy Jolowicz, Victoria Kavanagh, Mark Krone, LenLuza, Beverly Jean McDermott Bartalis, Steve McKee, Barbara MoeserReif, Helen Scevola, Bobby Schroeder, Michael Sheehan, Leonard Strombergh, Diane Varady Rafferty, Monica Ward Harris Alcalde, Doreen Willis Guilfoyle, Rick Yahoo, Patsy Lucas Cappetta, Joe Wallace, Bob Richards, Lucy Burns Flynn, 

‘ll be adding the schools over time and if you see one missing, just send an email toMarty at doherty167@yahoo.com, or, leave it ion the comments on Facebook. If you don’t see me adding the name, remind me. I’m looking to add all school in Yorkville, and that means all schools. I can only add a school if you give it to me.

Enjoy the Memories,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty

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