Yorkville Streets – 76th Street bet 1st and 2nd Avenues (300)

Yorkville Streets – 76th Street bet 1st and 2nd Avenues

Yorkville Videos: Picture Memories of 86th Street

Yorkville Web Site: Yorkville Schools – Main Index of Schools

Bars and Restaurants:

Families: Adamovsky, Basile, Bibus, Brown, Burnetti, Capps, Fella, Gergenti, Hahnel, LoFaso, Martino, Montalbano, Mottram, Pepitone, Rosenthal, Stapleton, Tortorici, Traca

Schools: St. Jeans


Gergenti Family
Gergenti Family

Facebook Comments:

Anthony Bibus MY mom would know all these people…..I was too young. I lived at 361 East 76th till I was 5yrs old….moved to East 78th….still here. My Aunt Katie and Uncle Sonny Traca lived in 305.
  • Rose Ann Stapleton We moved from 303 E. 76th when I was 13 years old in 1968 to L.I.
  • Maureen Shea Brown My husband lived on 76th and 2nd ave Thomas Brown
  • Jackie Mottram Romano We moved from 307 east 76th st in 76
  • Rose Ann Stapleton My brother, Paul Gergenti, who was 4 years older than me would remember more people. He passed way in 2009.
  • Anthony Bibus My mom and I lived with her parents,,,,,Mike and Frances Fella. I remember hearing names like Pepitone and Gengenti.
  • Rose Ann Stapleton Lucy, Pauline and Frank Hahnel lived at 303. Mary and Barney Tortorici lived at 303, so did Cathy and Evelyn Basile. I think Anthony Lofaso lived at 311.
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  • Rose Ann Stapleton Maureen, did your husband know the Montalbano’s, Anthony and Jeanne Montalbano
  • Remove
    Anthony Bibus I am still in touch with Cathie Basile on FB. Lofaso is another name I remember.
  • Rose Ann Stapleton Jackie, Evelyn lied on the ground floor and we lived on the second floor right above her.
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  • aureen Shea Brown Not sure – his first wife was Francine – daughter of betty Pepitone
  • Anthony Bibus Rose do you remember my friend Susie Martino? She lived with her mom and grandmother on the third floor.
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  • Jackie Mottram Romano My brother hung out with evelyns son chucky and in 305 peggy capps son Chris
  • ose Ann Stapleton Also my aunt by marriage & her brother and sister lived on 76 and 2nd ave. Lee, Annie & Paul Burnetti
  • Anthony Bibus Was just speaking about Chuckie yesterday. He is friends with a good friend of mine. I know his brothers Michael and Kevin.
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  • Maureen Shea Brown I remember Chucky and his brother – friends with my kids
  • Rose Ann Stapleton Anthony, sure do remember Sue Martino and her Mom and grandma. I saw Sue about 5 years ago in NYC. I live in Westchester now.
  • aureen Shea Brown chucky is on FB
  • Rose Ann Stapleton I don’t remember Evelyn’s son because our family moved in 1968
  • nthony Bibus Sue moved down to Florida about three years ago. She owns two hotels in Orlando. She is doing very well.
  • ose Ann Stapleton That’s great.
  • ackie Mottram Romano I knew Susie Martino she used to take us places in her mustang if u speak to her Anthony Bibus tell her hi
  • ckie Mottram Romano Anthony Bibus is Susie on Facebook
  • Cathie Basile OMG,Joey and Johnny wow eons ago.Joey was always a little loose upstairs.I seen Johnny about 12 years ago n the city, working at a garage.
  • Marty Dougherty what hotels Anthony?
    Louis Puccio. joe pepitone used to build wood go-carts and all the kids would go for rides. I still remember being pushed up and down the street. also some here may remember my 2 older brothers frank and nick 09/07/14
    Louis Puccio. remember the lady in 303 with all the nice poodles? gave a couple to some on the block. one across the street – 330. one time me and a few friends were in maddi’s truck. everyone is making noise, playing the radio loud, etc. was time to go ‘up-a-stairs’ – once you heard that whistle out the window that was it – so I look out the window and everyone is drenched with water. someone tossed out a nice big bucket of water from 330! 🙂 09/07/14
    Patricia L Martin Jablon. My husband Nathan thinks he remembers going to PS 158 with a Tony Traca, early 50’s and also Anthony LoFaso from PS30/JHS 167……..I lived across the street from Lucy Fella….Who remembers the Monroe Theatre on the corner of 1st and 76th St, it later became a CBS studio ! 09/07/14
    Enjoying the memories in pictures,
    Marty Dougherty #greendougherty


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