Yorkville Families – Yorkville Family Name Index

Yorkville Families – Yorkville Family Name Index

This is the new index for the Yorkville Families that will showcase the families with pictures of the their families and the street or avenue that that family were a part of in Yorkville, a community on the east side of Manhattan in New York City. There are a few that were added with notes but no pictures. The new family names will be linked as I review each page transferred from the old web site.

Letter Family Names
A Amato, Anchor, Anderson, Anttio,
B Banner, Barrett, Bartalis, Bartelheim, Bergin, Bernardi, Billowitz, Blacknick, Brady, Bray, BuckleyBrown, Bruns
C Cagney, Carroll. Chefalas, Cleary, Conophy, Corry
D Doherty (78th Street), Dougherty, Dowd, Dragositz, Driscoll, Dunn, Dunne
F Failla, Farrington, Feeley, Ferado, Flanagan, Foray, Ford
G Gauker, Geosits, Gergenti, Giles, Gore, Gouso, Gruber
H Hale, Hannon, Hart, Hennessy
K Kavan, Kelly (of 77th Street), Kelly of (87th Street), Kerrigan, Kulzer, Kurg, Kurtz,
L Leinwaevers, Levouns, Liamero,
M Maggio, Magliones, Maikisch, McCormack, McCourt, McCready, McDermott, McDonough, McGarvey, McGeeney, McGovern, McMahon, Mcpartlin, Mollica, Mo0ntalbano, Moore, Mulhern, Mulvey, Murphy,
O Patton, Pryor,
R Regan, Rich, Roberts, Rosanna (Last Name?), Roth,
S Scepko,
T Toomey, Turek,
U Uvino,
W Ward, Wilkie
Z Zanko, Zizka

Enjoying the memories,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty

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