Yorkville Families – Patton Family of

Yorkville Families – Patton Family of

Jimmy Patton is one of the original embers of the crowd that hung around Kronk’s Luncheonette and down by 88th Street and was close friends with Denny Ferado, my brother Paddy Dougherty, and quite a few other people that will be shown on pictures here and other pictures shown on Denny Ferado Friend’s page that will be coming soon. For a while, I thought that James was a patron if Ireland and living there until Denny and James informed me that he was living state side. Here are some of the Patton that I was collecting over the years. Between the two of them, Denny and Jimmy, they were the two that had all the girls attention back in the day.

James Patton in Conversation
James Patton in Conversation

I have to find a few more pictures that Denny and James had posted over the years when they were in their 70’s mode.

Enjoying the memories in pictures,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty


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