Yorkville Families – Schradin Family of 85th Street

Schradin Family of 85th Street

Schradin and Salvo
Schradin and Salvo
Barbara Scharadin
Barbara Scharadin

That covers the photographs of the Schradin family of 85th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue. the Schradins lived in one of the buildings that were the first converted on 85th Street to the new norm that would take over Yorkville, and, literally Manhattan, for the next ten years or so in building modifications. These two building would become 320 East 85th Street.

The Schradins were a few years older than me and I believe that Barbara was Dickie Kevan’s age. Charlie Schradin was the age of the older boys who were the stickball player of the 85th Street.

I also remember that the Prescotts lived in the same building and they had a son called Johnny. Johnny’s father had a convertible car that he used to worship and would spend the weekend polishing his convertible. One day, Paddy, my brother, Johnny and myself were setting off a large fire work brought back from Pennsylvania by the son of Peter’s Trucking called an aerial bomb in the middle of the street. I believe Johnny placed the aerial bomb down on the street, I was there for moral support and my brother paddy was there with the match.

Everything was going good until someone in the crowd of onlookers screamed “Chickie! Cops”. Everyone near the aerial bomb panicked and ran in different directions, away from the aerial bomb. Ina hurry to get away, the aerial bomb was accidently knocked over but the fuse was already lit. No one stayed long enough to try and correct the fallen aerial bomb.

In one or two seconds, a large boom had shook the street with a whistle type of sound and a larger explosion followed. No one what happened but a loud scream came from the vicinity of Johhny’s father’s car which had felt the explosion under his car that he was standing next to in conversation with a woman on the block. Johnny’s father was not a happy puppy and saw his little polished baby life up and drop all the hardened dirt that stuck to the under carriage of hi little baby.

Johnny’s father screamed at Johnny because he saw Johnny running away and that would be handled later when Johnny had to run home or his father would have done a job on him right there. Katie was bit livid when she found out it was her two boys with the matches. The only positive thing to come out of the fire works was the idiot that screamed “Chickie! Cops”. No cop car came up the street and life on 85th Street continued

That covers what I remember about the Schradins of 85th Street.

Enjoying the memories in pictures,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherrty

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