Greendougherty Blogging – My Blogs and Web Site Explained

This is primarily an explanation for those trying to figure out what’s going on with my blogs, especially for those that actually read the blogs and familiar with my web site,…..

I actually have four blogs, with three of them are hosted by Word Press, the home of the free blogs.

The first blog of the three blogs is called greendougherty Blog. This blog is primarily used for posting anything and everything about Yorkville. Here is a sampleof the latest blog is below:

The second blog of the three blogs at Word Press is called Dougherty’s Garden – Is it green? This blog is primarily used for anything and everything dealing with the Dougherty Garden. Any pictures found on this garden blog with at some point in time ended up on Pinterest, Tumblr and Flickr.

The third blog of the three blogs is called Marty’s Oldies (Doo Wop) Music Collection. This blog primarily deals with my music collection where I have my favorite 700+ tunes (An ongoing listing of the 700+ tunes) and some of the groups and their tunes that I have come across while putting the 700+ list over the years. This is a typical post from the Oldies (Doo Wop) Music blog.

The fourth blog is called web site because I had named it after the web site trying to show the people following the blog that both were related. Even with the links on the web site blog to the actual web site, quite a few people do not see the relationship, or, the actual web site. This is a typical post from the web site blog. and a day when I was starting to have a different type of problem, as you can see in the black box with all the links.

If the world of blogging and web site building were simple, life would be easy. Unfortunately, blogging is rather complex at times and maintaining a web site at the same time is getting more time consuming. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing this, it’s just that at times, it gets frustrating trying to keep up with everything that is going on with updates and having no IT background or IT help to call on everyday. You’ll see no activity from me for a day or two until I figure out how to by pass certain problem that arises

Over the past few months, several item came up that disrupted my day to day operation because they caused such a wrinkle with what I was doing, that I got so frustrated, I was unable to post anything. One that caused me to go back to using the three blogs from the one, web site, that I was using for everything I blogged about crashed. This blog was hosted on my web site hosting company,

You don’t get much in the way of support form because all they do is offer the services of hosting of the blog. If you have a question, like when the access to the blog disappeared, it was not a problem but a problem that could only be resolved by Word Press. Since it is a ‘free’ blog, you are subject to the assorted forums on the internet offering answers. And when you click on a problem related to your query, it’s a bit frustrating when you see a date on the problem going back a few years and you are experiencing the problem now. Why is it still happening? What got me the most was not getting support from godaddy since they offer Word Press on their site. Every time I called, I got a different type of help, and, sometime, no help at all.

It’s a bit frustrating when you are trying to do a simple blog and utilize some of the plugins that will help you blog. A Plugin is a (Software update) device that adds a function to your blog which enhances your blog and your blog’s capabilities. The few plugins that I was using enabled me to do a table on my pages and another enabled me to see which pages were being clicked on by my readers. I was able to see where the interest was on my Yorkville posts which enabled me to spend more time on those posts. One day it all stopped and I was unable to find out how to correct the problem. After a few days, I got the blog up and running again but was unable to upload pictures from Yorkville to the blog. My only recourse was to continue using the Word Press blog but to use my older blog, where I could upload pictures, but I had to copy and paste the blog from the old blog to the godaddy blog and upload the post the way that I was used to doing before.

After a few times, this was getting old and time consuming. I then took a look at my other three blogs and found that the stats were working on these blogs and figured that I should move the blogs over the the greendougherty blog, which is what I’m presently doing with my Yorkville blogs. The stats are starting to build and everything seems to be fine at the moment. I just have to get used to using the greendougherty blog with the web site page which I always refer to when posting anything about Yorkville. The Yorkville ( web site is on and the blogs are hosted on which brings about its type of problems on a daily basis.

Recently, I posted the (New) Yorkville Index on my greendougherty group on Facebook. I needed a point of reference for the new Yorkville Index from the web site so that I could set up index for all the pictures that I’m capturing under certain categories and placed each one on this group’s Facebook page. That’s what you see there from last night. Now, as I place pictures on the assorted groups on Facebook, those categories will be linked to the pictures and captured for my blog readers and web site viewers too. my only enemy is running low on patience while the process goes on. I still don’t have access to IT help when things happen. I tried the donate button on the web site to get see if I could draw some support but that went nowhere. if the problems persist, then I ‘ll cut back and concentrate on blogging on the garden and my oldies.

I ranted too long.

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty

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