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Now this is about one of the oldest ones I have. This is my Great Grandfather Alfone/Visone in his barber shop over 100 years ago. I am not sure of the exact location but I know it was in Yorkville. I am going to make sure I ask my aunts and uncles for that info.

The tough crowd – my maternal Grandparents (Amato), uncle and Lucy The Dog outside the basement where Grandpa stored his fruit & flowers pushcart wares. This was on 87th St & 3rd Ave – under the old Papaya Stand that had the counter & stools that wrapped around the outside.

The working class blue collar people of Yorkville. My Grandma & Grandpa Amato. Grandma was busy taking care of 14 children! Grandpa sold his fruits & flowers from a big wooden pushcart w/ huge wooden wheels on the corner of 86th & 3rd, right by the 5&10, under the elevated subway tracks, across from Papaya. He kept all of his wares in the big basement below the other Papaya stand on 87th & 3rd – the one w/ the counter & stools that wrapped around the outside. He also worked in some neighborhood flower stores. I think this photo was taken on 87th or 83rd St but I am not too sure. Maybe someone recognizes the location. One of these days I have to go back and scout it out and confirm it for myself.

1954: My mother’s 8th grade class at St Joseph’s School on 87th St between York&1st Ave. My mother, Rosalie Amato, is seated in the third row, third in from the right. She has that mischievous look on her face, even back then. God rest her soul.

The 1940′s. 157 E. 89th St. A place I will always call home. A stoop I could sit on for days just reminiscing. (These photos of my paternal grandparents and their children were taken after my father’s First Holy Communion at St Joseph’s on 87th St.) My paternal grandmother was the superintendent of our building for 50 years – right around the corner from the infamous Ruppert Breweries. She had a spacious basement apartment and our family of 8, yes 8!, children lived on the 4th floor. We sure stuck out in the neighborhood in the 70′s. One thing that strikes me in this photo is how clean the streets are and that there are no cars on it!

Enjoying the memories in pictures,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty

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