Yorkville Families

Yorkville Families – Yorkville Master Family Picture Index – 09/11/14

This is the new index for the Yorkville Families that will showcase the families with pictures of the their families and the street or avenue that that family were a part of in Yorkville, a community on the east side of Manhattan in New York City. There are a few that were added with notes but no pictures. The new family names will be linked as I review each page transferred from the old web site.

Letter Family Names
A Amato, Anchor, Anderson, Anttio,
B Banner, Barrett, Bartalis, Bartelheim, Bergin, Bernardi, Billowitz, Blacknick, Brady, Bray, BuckleyBrown, Bruns
C Cagney, Carroll. Chefalas, Cleary, Conophy, Corry
D Doherty (78th Street), Dougherty, Dowd, Dragositz, Driscoll, Dunn, Dunne
F Failla, Farrington, Feeley, Ferado, Flanagan, Foray, Ford
G Gauker, Geosits, Giles, Gore, Gouso, Gruber
H Hale, Hannon, Hart, Hennessy
K Kavan, Kelly (of 77th Street), Kelly of (87th Street), Kerrigan, Kulzer, Kurg, Kurtz,
L Leinwaevers, Levouns, Liamero,
M Maggio, Magliones, Maikisch, McCormack, McCourt, McCready, McDermott, McDonough, McGarvey, McGeeney, McGovern, McMahon, Mcpartlin, Mollica, Mo0ntalbano, Moore, Mulhern, Mulvey, Murphy,
O Patton, Pryor,
R Regan, Rich, Richards, Rosanna (Last Name?), Roth,
S Scepko,
T Toomey, Turek,
U Uvino,
W Ward, Wilkie
Z Zanko, Zizka

Enjoying the memories,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty

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