The Dougherty Garden Today – October 31, 2014

A few minutes while Logan is sipping his bottle.

Red Hibiscus Flowers
Red Hibiscus Flowers

Multiple blooms are coming from this Red Hibiscus plant that is now part of the Hibiscus Hedge. The branches on this particular Hibiscus droop from the center of the plant and need to be tied back in order to properly form a hedge. I’ll tie a few of the branches together to form a hedge of sorts.

Disney Spruce Trees
Disney Spruce Trees

I’m calling these small seedlings Spruce at the moment but think they may actually be pine but that’ll require some research. In the meantime, I placed these cups in this location to better water them and they seemed to be reacting positively. They seem to be a bit greens and much more healthier than they were on the other side of the garden.

???????????????This is my Purple Hibiscus flower that seems to bloom more at this time of year when it is a bit cooler than during the summer. The purple blooms are on the green leafed plants but the purple leafed plans were not blooming today with their version of their purple flower.

Palm Tree leafs
Palm Tree Leafs Debris

This is palm tree debris from the recent pruning of most of the palm trees. The larger palm leaf is from a Cuban Royal Palm Tree. The portion attached to the trunk of the tree is approximately four feet tall and the actual leaf extends from the trunk almost r=ten to twelve feet. The Cuban palm is a self pruning tree as the actual leaf falls of the Cuban palm tree when dried out. Just don’t be underneath the Cuban palm when it does fall off, it’s a bit heavy.

The other leaf in this picture id from a Coconut Palm Tree and is a bit heavier than that of the Cuban Royal palm Tree. The base of the leaf is actually much thicker and heavier. Most Coconut palms in landscape settings are pruned close to the base of the leaf stem and the base generally has to be pulled off to keep the Coconut palm from looking unsightly.

Palm Seeds
Palm Seeds

This is a portion of the palm seeds that are constant around the Dougherty Garden and will be segment of future blogs on each particular palm tree that I am growing and seeds are being produced from at the Dougherty Garden.

In the meantime, still enjoy rowing green,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty

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