Infusion Therapy – A Bit of an Introduction

MRI Complex Around The Corner from Medical Center

Confused About Infusion -A Bit of an Introduction

Just a quick backup for a minute to get into how we got here and where Infusion came about. I know of a person that was having  a problem with their foot. The foot was examined by a doctor who determined that there was growth in the foot, like a cyst, that needed to be surgically removed. Upon further examination of the growth, it was determined that it could be surgically removed by a more experienced doctor. The process from the first referral to the actual start of Infusion Therapy took about five months and some of the preliminary visits are a bit fuzzy but I’ll be able to recall the current visits with the actual Infusion Procedures.

The more experienced doctor referred this patient to a doctor who had more experience with these type of growths and could possibly do the surgery at the University of Miami Medical Center. Upon further examination and the use of technology, it was determined that this growth was literally like a tree roots and had infiltrated the top portion of the foot and pretty much looked like the root of a tree. At the moment, surgery was put out of the picture and the word Infusion for the first time was mentioned as a course of action to follow for treatment of this growth.

At this point, our patient was referred to a new doctor who was a specialist that was working with Infusion. A meeting was arranged with that physician for a sit down to have certain procedures spelled out for our patient. This doctor informed our patient that there were presently three options open to our patient at the moment. Two of the options were explained right away to our patient and one dealt with the use of a placebo in one and the other had a few drawbacks.

Monorail Stop at the Hospital

Our Infusion Doctor explained those two options to our patient and then explained the third option that there was a new study but that a lot of preparatory work had to be done for this new research project. One had to go through a series of a complete medical background review and a set of medical procedures and evaluations with assorted MRI’s, X-Rays, Cat Scan, Nuclear Scans, Biopsies and that this would take some time. Along with a series of blood tests along the way.

From reviewing the options, our patient determined that the course of action to follow was that of the third option of this new Infusion Study because it was a new option and a few people with this condition seemed to get relief with this new Infusion Therapy. One thing for sure was that there was going to be a lot of paper work that had to be filed out over time.

We all opted in for the long haul and the long drives to the University of Miami and the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. The first trip to meet with our assigned doctor, the Infusion Specialist, went pretty crazy because we were new to the area of the medical complex and drove right by the exit. The traffic in the Miami Hospital area is very high paced and the exit came by in a flash. We got off t the next exit and made a bee line, in rush hour, to the closest gas station to find directions to out. We were literally in Little Havana and very little English was spoken but we did find a Hess Station.

Monorail Running Overhead

I was fortunate to find a nice lady at the Hess Station who informed me that to just get on the road and just make two left turns and drive straight down to the medical center. Her directions were great but it took us some time to locate a place to park. I believe that we had an appointment for a review, getting to know you type of thing, and that a biopsy would be performed. It’s funny, when you look for an address in a new place with a lot of buildings that say University of Miami Medical Center, tons of people, doctors and medical students walking all around, and a monorail running over head, it can be a bit daunting, especially if everyone is nervous for what is about to happen in our lives.

Soon, we did find a place to park our car but soon found out that it was the wrong garage at the medical complex. When we drove into the garage we were given a token by a machine and had to return the token to get out but because we were all nervous, the token got lost in the car. I had to back the car up and get and search for the token and eventually found the token. Soon, we were off to our new garage, an open air one where we noticed a sign as we walked by that if you didn’t have a ticket validated by someone at the medical complex, you had to pay $100.00 to the attendant. Talk about being anxious.

Entrance to Medical Center

I didn’t want to worry anyone and we went off in search for our doctor that was going to perform the biopsy. The medical complex was huge and we had to get to the other side of the building where our doctor was located. We finally reached our doctor and the biopsy was performed and we were off to retrieve our car, the only trouble is that we had no idea where the hell the car was. We did reach out and talked to a few people but most of the people only spoke Spanish. Fortunately, one of the older men noticed our dilemma and knew where we were trying to go to. He informed me to just go out the front entrance of the hospital where we were presently standing and just follow the outside of the hospital and just go around the building instead of trying to go through the hospital where we surely would get lost. I bought the man a Starbuck’s Coffee for his effort and we were off to our car.

That trip was for the purpose of looking at our patient’s foot and doing a biopsy to determine a future course of action. Upon returning home, our patient was informed that the biopsy findings would put us on a course with an Infusion Expert and we were referred to the Infusion Doctor and that would be the next course of operation. This meant a new trip to the University of Miami and the Sylvester Comprehensice Cancer Center.

Now over the course of a few months, we had trips to Miami and got a real introduction to people that are faced with medical problems that I wish the bozos in Washington, D.C. would get their heads out of their asses and do something for the medical community instead of lining their pockets and those in the healthcare and insurance industries with tons of cash and fix an industry that could use some real help. I have seen enough people over the course of the last few months that it makes one sick to think about the real medical problems facing this country. One thing that I do know is that the Sylvester Comprehensice Cancer Center is performing a task that is far above any medical facility that I know of. If it wasn’t for the staff, and I mean literally the entire staff of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center,they are compassionate and go the full mile for their patients.

This was a first step in putting into writing the world of Infusion Therapy. There was a lot of prep work before getting into the actual Infusion Therapy and I’ll explain a little more in detail the actual process that our patient took for their medical  Infusion Therapy. If anyone has a question before we get to the next step, please leave a comment in the comments box and I’ll see if I can answer it for you. I thought that Infusion Therapy was a small field but have been opened up into a new world. There are literally hundreds of people that we have seen over the past few months and I know that our patient was the only one chosen from this state. This leads me to believe that there are many programs and many medical trials going on in the cancer and growth field.

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty

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