Journey of a Coconut Palm Tree Seed

One of the largest palm tree seeds that I have held in my hands was that of the Coconut palm tree. I did get to hold one a few years ago while I was an active member of the Palm and Cycad Society of Palm Beach County. It was called Lodoicea maldivica and can weigh up to 40 pounds. For now, we’ll deal with the Coconut Palm Tree Seed.


Here are a few Coconut palm tree seeds that lie beneath the Coconut palm tree. Last summer (2015) about 40 to 50 Coconuts palm tree seeds fell to the ground. Length of time to germinate depends on the variety or specie of Coconut. I have three different types of Coconut palm trees in the Dougherty Garden.

Skinny Coconut Palm Tree

 This is the first Coconut palm tree that I planted in the Dougherty Garden, I called it the Shinny Cocconut Palm Tree because other than being called Cocos nucifera, it was only a skinny Coconut palm tree. I only know the common scientific name for Coconut poa;lm trees which is Cocos nucifera. Every so often, I get another Coconut palm tree and they look different from the original one that I planted originally, as you can see above.


Large Coconut Palm Tree

This is the lagest Coconut Palm Tree at the moment. It is the Coconut Palm Tree that is supplying the majority of Coconuts that are on the ground of the Douherty Garden. It is best not to be under the Coconut Palm Tree when Coconuts are falling.Coconuts are quite klarge and heavy. I have always know thta you shake a Coconut to see that there is juice on the inside and that the Coconut is viable. I believe that if there is no water inside tht the Coconut will not germinate. Is there ant truth to that statement, I am not sure. I do know that over a period of time only a small percentage of Coconuits will germinate.

Base of a Coconut Palm Tree

This is the right side of my Coconut Palm Tree and you can see the roots . I use the non-floating mulch to help keep down the amou nt fo weeds that tend to grow in the garden. The green leaves that you see under the other palm tree (Solitaire Palm Tree) are ypoung Solitaire palm tree seeedlings. To the right and near the fence is a portion of the Lady Palm Tree.

This is the first drop of Coconuts that I received this year (2016) 

From past exprience, the Coconuts that fell from the Coconut Palm Tree germinated the next year (2016). I remember throwing out quite a few from all the Coconuts ftell from the Coconut Palm Tree. I would go through the batch of Coconuts below the Coconut Palm Tree and look any sign of green emerging from the Coconut. I look all over the Coconut and move a few with my feet to see where a green leaf will emerge from the Coconut. Eventually, one will send out a signal that there is activity within the Coconut.


This Coconut sends out a very visible signal when it splits the Coconut to slip out a new leaf, its first leaf. Most Coconuts will send out the first leaf  over the same area but some will surprise you.


Here are several Coconuts that are in various stages of putting out its first leaf.

A few Coconuts that germinated

From past experience, it takes about a year for Coconuts to germinate. There may be another rule but that is from my experience in the Dougherty Garden. Now, I’ll show you a Tall Jamaican Coconut Palm Tree that I planted years ago that is just strating to show seed bracts and its first Coconut.

Tall Jamaican Coconut Palm Tree in 2015
First Coconut


This is the Tall Jamaican Coconut Palm Tree on August 11, 2011. Notice the size of the Tall jamaican Coconut palm Tree and the tree to the right and look at the next picture.

Jamaican Tall Coconut in 2016

That covers the Tall Jamaican Coconut Palm Tree as of this year. It presently has only one Coconut seed at the moment but is putting out several bracts. We’ll  wait and see if the first Tall Jamaican Coconut germinates and see if the time period is the same as the Coconut Palm Trees in the Dougherty Garden.


That covers the latest from the Dougherty Garden

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Marty Dougherty #growinggreeneveryday

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