Dougherty Garden – Getting Ready for Hurricane Matthew

Dougherty Garden – Getting Ready for Hurricane Matthew

This is my first set of pictures before I start the job of putting on the shutters for Hurricane Matthew. One has to prepare for putting up shutters because the last time was for Hurricane Wilma which came at us from the Gulf of Mexico. This one is going to do a frontal assault while creeping up the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, all in the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. This could be an interesting few days comning t us.

Here are a few pictures that I took so far to see how things look before the storm.

My next door neighbor has already put his shutters on with the help of his boys. I’m glad that I don’t have a two story house.
A few other houses are stil in the prep stage of putting up there shutters
The house on the right side is partially shuttered on the bottom floor while the hous eon the left has yet to put any shutters on the outside of their house.
An array of houses with a variety of shutters on their homes. The house to the immediate right is one that is protected by the new version of shutter…..wind resistant glass. The next home with the white SUV….you can see if the shutters are up. The dark beige house has no shutters up yet but he’ll most likely have them up before the night is out. The last home was recently sold and has the new version of the shutters that are already fixed to the house and all you have to do is slide and click them shut for the storm. Great but less expensive than the wind resitant version. I saw the owner walking around with older shutters like mine and probaly uses them on the first floor because it is expensive to add the new shutters to a home.
Our home just before the shutters will be hung.
Here is the rear of a home with the shutters leaning against the fence. Spoon the behung with the rest of the shutters on the home.
A quick look at the Dougherty Garden before Hurricane Matthew strikes palm Beach County.
We were told that the rain we are receiving is one of the leading edges of Hurricane Matthew
Gas stations are feeling the effect of long luines at the pump. People are fillibng up anything they can carry to get gas for their car and home. We saw an opening and Istopped over after an unsucessful attempt to gte some batteries from CVS. I saw an open pump and said thanks and noticed a small plasic sign that said there was only premium gas available and decided that was no problem but as I got out of the car, an employee was changing the sign from prremiummio=um only to no gas and that it would be five hours till the nexy delivery.
Siome are busy putting up shutters and others are not home yet. I guess tonight is going to be a very busy night.
The last time I looked in my metal box with old screws I ended up piling a bunch of the packages with assorted nuts and screws. Now I have to sort out all the hurricane bolts , washers and screws needed for holding the shutters on our little home.
This was the only fatalitiy that we had from Hurricane Wilma, a tree frog that made the mistake of jumping on the shutters when we removed the shutters the last time we used them.


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