greendougherty Update – June 21, 2017

For some reason, I was able to get through on Word Press this morning after many weeks of nothing. Well, here goes with what we’re up to at the moment. I have collected many pictures over the years, especially in my garden. That gets a lot of my attention because I can get a few dollars from views on a few garden videos.

Over the past few weeks, I was learning a lot about increasing viewership on these videos. One of the methods was to create playlists of my videos. For those of you that have noticed…thank you. I’m presently working on taking the wrinkles out of my garden videos. While on the process, I put all the Yorkville videos that I had and the ones I found on You Tube and put them together in one Yorkville playlist.

Toshiba Digital Camera

Yorkville, a Community on the East Side of Manhattan, New York City


That link allows me to reach all the playlists for all the videos that I have collected over the years, including the majority of my Dougherty Garden videos.

That links you to all the playlists that I have on You Tube with all my videos. Since I’m also into Oldies (Doo Wop) Groups, quite a few of the videos are Oldies (Doo Wop) Groups and I’m in the process of breaking them down into A through Z…there are quite a few. Every once in a while, I’ll add some of my favorite tunes (and music) to either A to Z or a few other categories I have added. If you love Oldies (Doo Wop) Music, you’ll have a one stop location for that one.

Getting back to Yorkville for a minute, it’s also a one stop location for all the videos that I put together over the years plus a few other that were on You Tube that related to Yorkville that I located on you Tube too over the years.

mature areca palm trees
mature areca palm trees

Now, I’m working on the Playlists for the Dougherty Garden videos and cleaning them up a but at the moment. This one requires a different format because I have the Dougherty Garden videos broken down into different segments of the garden according to interest. That link shows a sample of each Playlist but the following is an actual link to each Dougherty garden Playlists.

  • Palms of the Dougherty Garden
  • Flowers of the Dougherty Garden
  • Tropical Plants of the Dougherty Garden
  • A View of the Dougherty Garden
  • Maintaining the Dougherty Garden
  • Dougherty Videos
  • Marty’s New Garden Videos

That covers the Dougherty Garden.


Now I’ll show the links to what I have put together for my Playlist for Oldies (Doo Wop) Groups. it is broken down as follows:

That covers most of the You Tube Playlists that I have. This is just a test to see if Word Press is working at the moment.

Marty Dougherty of #greendougherty

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