You Tube Channels – Lesson 1 on Channels

I apologize for the plain white version of the pictures below but I have no way to colorize them at the moment. If you are working on Channels at the moment, most of these pages will be familiar to you. If not, ask a question and I’ll get back to you.

I’m learning a lot about You Tube and getting more views for my Dougherty Garden videos. I’m primarily doing this as a vehicle for me to look at so I don’t think that I’m losing my mind. One of the items that frustrated me for a few days was that of playlists and Channels. I’ll do a separate video for Playlists, which I think that I have a handle on at the moment, but was more interested in nailing down the mystery about Channels.

Here goes. I took a bunch of views of the process and tell you a bit of what I was doing to get to this page and why I needed to understand about Channels.

New Channel 01

I was working with You Tube ( in order to better understand what I was doing to get a grip on my Channel(s). I have a lot of content that I gathered over the years and needed to do more than one channel. I had one channel, and was successful in setting up another channel but still needed another channel and was hitting a wall. The link above knocked the wall down.

I’m trying to find a way to highlight the last line on this dialog box which says: See all my channels or create a new channel. When you click on this link, you’ll be directed to the next screen:

New Channel 02

This item, I got the red circle to work on this slide, shows that you can open another channel which I was glad to do right away. I set up my Yorkville Channel which covers several videos that I have set up on You Tube over the years. Now, these videos will be collected and centralized in one Channel on You Tube.

Channel is Yorkville, Manhattan….1950’s and then some. I try to be a little more specific in the title of the group so that potential viewers will find my Channel to view these videos. I presently have over 5,000+ members on just one group on Facebook, Yorkville, East Side of Manhattan in New York City. This group has been at the forefront of Yorkville memories for the past 15+ years. Now, I have a You Tube Channel with several Playlists of You Tube Videos.

New Channel 04

This box allows you to Edit Layout or check the Creator Studio. At this point in time, I was only interested in the Edit Layout. I’ll come back and fix the picture because i was not sure of what the slide would look like at the moment and every thing appears white as i’m writing this piece.

New Channel 05 Yorkville

Sometimes, when the obvious is right in front of you, you just don’t see it. It never hit me to click on the small image icon on the upper right hand side. When I clicked on the image icon, the following page, or, box, opened up for me to utilize.

New Channel 06 Click Dialog Box

This box opens up a wealth of information, or, access to a lot of information related to your Channel.

New Channel 07 My Channel Results

Once again, this page that allows you to view two options. For the moment, I’ll by pass the Home option at the moment. One, for access to Edit Layout, and another to give you access to the Creator Studio. I chose to look at Edit Layout for the moment.

New Channel 08 Videos

I clicked on Videos which informed me that I have none of my videos on the Channel at the moment.

New Channel 09 Playlist for Channel

The next item that I clicked on was that of Playlists. At the moment, I added a few of my Yorkville videos that I currently have on You Tube related to Yorkville.

New Channel 10 Channels for Yorkville

This page show that this Channel has no Channels at the moment. I saw a video by ????? that I’ll add a link for after I go back and take a look at the video that she mentioned this statement and why that statement shows and how to change that statement. We’ll be back with an answer for that page. This Channel is for my Yorkville Channel. A work in progress.

New Channel 11 Discussion

This page deals with the Discussion section. We’ll deal with this one later when the Channel is up and running.

New Channel 12 About

This section deals with the About section and will be looked at later.

New Channel 14 Search Feature

This is the last section and deals with the Search feature which will be covered last on after we gather more information on making the Yorkville Channel have much more information when we click on the Yorkville Channel. I’ll be back shortly after I get a chance to look at this on Word Press.


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