Oldies (Doo Wop) Music – Today’s Group – Gypsy Kings

Gypsy Kings

Introducing the Gypsy Kings

This is an unusual pick that came about when I was researching songs from the past. One tune that I like a lot is that of “Me And Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul. One has to hear Billy Paul and his rendition of “Me And Mrs. Jones” to understand why I like it….just listen to the song.

“Me And Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul

While looking at the the You Tube selection for “Me And Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul, I noticed that there were a few other tunes recorded by other artists of “Me And Mrs. Jones”. One struck me as unusual because it had a picture of Billy Paul with Chico and the Gypsy Kings.I thought that it was strange but was interested in hearing that rendition of ?Me And Mrs. Jones just to see how it sounded.

“Me And Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul with Chico and the Gypsy Kings

I knew after I heard this rendition that I had to check to see if there were any more great recording artists that did something like this with the Gypsy Kings. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any more U.S. recording artists that recorded with the Gypsy Kings but did find a popular tune called Volare, and it was with Penelope Cruz with the Gypsy Kings. Take a look.

“Volare” by the Gypsy Kings wih Penolope Cruz

That’s my introduction to everyone with the Gypsy Kings. They have a unique style at the end of most of their tunes which I enjoy every time I hear some of their tunes. A few other tunes that they play that come to mind are: Bamboleo, Pena Penita, and Boualem, just tio name a few that I enjoyed. I know that I missed a few while putting this page together and I’ll add them to the Gypsy Kings page when I get a chance.


Marty Dougherty, the memory man

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