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Here is another group from the 1950’s and that great music that came from that era. One of the groups that made a direct impression with their style of music is that of the Moonglows. Two leads from that group were Bobby Lester and Harvey Fuqua.

All these tunes from the Moonglows were found on You Tube with the ecxception of a few. I’ll go through a few of the tunes that were part of my favorites of all times and give them to you below.

Here is the link to the Moonglows and the 72 tunes that I found on You Tube. A few may be duplicates but most are later versions and Live sessions. Enjoy.

Most Of All

In My Diary

Please Send Me Someone To Love

I Knew From The Start


Over And Over Again

When I’m With You

Secret Love

See Saw

The Beating Of My Heart

Whistle My Love

That covers a few of the great tunes by the Moonglows. I may have missed a few of their great tunes but ave linked more that 60 tunes that are currently on You Tube. There are about ten plus which I came across a long time ago but are not part of the inventory on You Tube..


Marty Dougherty, the memory man #greendougherty


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