How to Use Movie Maker to Make a Movie for YouTube – October 6, 2017

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I’m in the process of adding Cards and End Cards to some of the videos that I have on YouTube. It’s a long, tedious job but the end game is to see if I can increase viewership to my garden videos. If I can crack the system, I’ll play around with the Yorkville pictures that I can convert to video and see if I can duplicate the effort in that group of pictures and share with everyone.


Before I get to that section of the YouTube and working with Cards and End Cards, I’ll introduce the process of trying to make a movie via Movie Maker and all the fun I was having trying to understand (WTF) what was going on while in Movie Maker.
First, I open up Movie Maker and click on Add Pictures
01 Add Pictures
Note: I use a program called Snag It that enables me to take a picture of the page, or, portion of the page that I am working on at the moment.
I’m working on the next issue of my garden blog and will be using this Movie Maker to issue my Dougherty Garden Blog. I’ll be using 19 pictures from my garden taken on October 5, 2017.
02 All Pictures Added
This is how the Movie Maker looks like with the pictures added. Notice that the pink area below the picture shows a description “DCIM\100SPORT” which I believe is the description on each picture assigned by my camera that I am using. I’ll show you how to change that description.
03 Sample Picture
This is the first picture and I have to use another tool in order to catch a few steps that are not available to use with Snag It. This is where my camera comes out to capture what I can’t grab a picture of with Snag It.
04 Click on Properties in Dialog Box
Right-click on the mouse and go down to the Properties and click on Properties.
05 Change Description to Picture
Forgive the clarity of this picture but I’ll try to get a better picture before I finish this blog. For now, the Title is: DCIM\100SPORT. It is here where you can change the description to the picture to the one that you want to show up in Movie Maker as the name of the picture.
06 Description Changes
As you can see in the above picture, the Title of the picture is now correct. The only trouble is that this feature must be changed before you Add the pictures to Movie Maker. One of the things that I do now is to make sure that the Title of the picture is correct in the Title section of the Properties. I was tending to have problems with my Movie Maker when I had to add the name to the picture in Movie Maker.
This was one of the problems that I was having and it was a headache for me. Now, when I do a project that involves pictures, I make sure that the Title is complete and accurate for all the pictures before I add them to Movie Maker.
07 Title of all Pictures Changed
As you can see, all of the Titles of these pictures are now complete and in Movie Maker. Now, I can continue with the next step in the process of how I make a movie of my pictures in the garden.
This will be a simple video of how to make a simple video. I’ll do the basics of getting a Title and the Credit for a video to keep it simple.
08 Click on Title
Using the Home Index, click on Title and a Blank Black Box will appear on your Movie Maker for you to use to enter the Title of your movie. Click on the Black Box and “My Movie Title” will appear and you can change that to the name of the movie you are working on.
09 Title of the Movie
I made the change to “Today in the Dougherty Garden” as the title of my movie in Movie Maker. I normally use a date with my blog but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll just do the Title for now.
10 Credits for Movie
This section is for adding Credits to the end of the video.
Drop Down Menu for End of Video Use
Sorry about the blurriness of the picture but I’m using a hand camera to take these pictures of the screen. Snag It doesn’t capture the picture. When I click on Credits, I get the Drop Down Menu. Then, when I click on Snag It, the Drop Down menu disappears. So, I have to use the camera to catch the Drop Down Menu.. I’ll try a Copy and Paste on another screen later to see if that will work.
12 Credit Screen
Credit Screen
13 Director Screen
Directed By Screen
14 Starring Screen
Starring Screen
15 Filmed Screen
Filmed on Location Screen
16 Soundtrack Screen
Soundtrack Screen
The above pictures, End Screen pictures, can be altered in any manner to let you tell your viewers anything about the video and who produced it and add further information that you would like the viewer to see. You can not add any live links at this point in these Credits. That can be accomplished, to a degree using, Cards and End Screen Annotations.
The Cards and End Screen Annotations are primarily YouTube tools that lets you promote other Channels and Videos, your Playlist or Videos on the Playlist.
The first of the end of your video starts with the Credits Screen. Everything that you see on the screen can be changed or adjusted…fonts, size of fonts and what you want to do as Credits…you can even change Credits to another word. It’s all up to you and what you want to say on each one of these screens.
Again, for simplicity’s sake, I’ll go through the Credits that I use on this video for my purpose. You can get creative on your end and do whatever you want to and change or add as many Credits as you want.  All you have to do is change the name of the page and what the Credits are for.
Link for the Finished Video on the Dougherty Garden
For now, this is as simple as it gets for making a movie out of still pictures. If you are making a movie from a movie, which I have not done so far, this is all about making a movie from pictures. My purpose here was to show how to do a movie with pictures.  I have to do videos in the near future and will tackle that in a future blog and video.
For now, I’ll convert this blog into a video and possibly add some additional comments in the video about this procedure.


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