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This is a quick step set of instructions (How to Edit a YouTube Playlist) that I needed to understand the basic instructions to get to one particular Playlist from my YouTube Playlist and see how many times it was viewed. I did a lot of jumping around because there is no straight answer from my point of view when I tried to click on a Playlist for a straight answer as to how many times the Playlist was viewed. It took a bit of time and I set up the following slides using another software program to see what I found and share it with everyone else. I may not get all the answers in this first set of slides but will give as many details for each level. So here goes.

Note: After all this, I’m still looking for one page on YouTube that can show me all of my Playlist on one page with the number of tunes in that Playlist and the number of times that it was viewed (on one page). What was I thinking?

This step process takes you from the Creator Studio and working with your Video Manager.

Videos in Video Manager

After accessing the menu from the Creator Studio, I ended up with this view. Under the Video Manager Index, I was interested in looking at my Playlists.

Select Playlist

From that view, I scroll down to Playlist in the Video Manager Directory and click on Playlists. This will open up my Playlist where Ii will scroll down to the Playlist that I want to edit.

Select U Favorite Tune Playlist

For this presentation, I click on the “U” Playlist that I am currently working with at the moment. This will open up the U Favorite Tunes Playlist which will allow me to work on several icons/dialog boxes related to every Playlist.

Click on Edit of U Favorite Tunes

I’m not sure at this stage of the instructions if this page comes up but when it did, I clicked on the EDIT and it brought me to the following page to start editing the assorted information on the U Favorite Tunes.

Tagged Areas

The above red circled areas are areas of the Playlist that can be edited or changed. The following areas are detailed below but I’ll give you a list of the items that can be added to and/or edited on your Playlist.

  • Globe icon – Access Playlist Settings
  • Change Playlist Title – “U Favorite Tunes”
  • Three Dots on Top Right Side – Delete playlist, Add all to, and Translate playlist info
  • Description of the Playlist – Add a short description about the Playlist in this section.
  • Play all – Clicking on this icon will play all the tunes in that Playlist.
  • Share Button – Allows the ability to Share, Embed and Email this Playlist. the Share Button allows you to select which of the following websites that you want to share with: Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Blogger, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, BKOHTAKTE/LinkedIn/Stumbleupon. Click on the Embed Button and you’ll get a code to embed your playlist. The Email Icon opens up a new box that allows you to enter in the name of the email that you want the email sent to and a box to enter a description and also a brief explanation of the reason you are sending the email.
  • Add Videos – Clicking on this button opens up a new dialog box which allows you to Add video to the playlist via Video search, URL, and Your YouTube videos. The Video search button opens up a dialog box that allows you to search for a video on YouTube. By clicking on the URL, you can paste the YouTube URL into the box. Finally, by clicking on Your YouTube Videos, you are given the ability to pick a video from your YouTube account.
  • Toggle Button – This button deals with each tune on your Playlist and gives you the ability to change the position of each individual tune. By clicking on the icon, you can drag the tune up or down within the Playlist. I like to keep the tunes by artist’s name, alphabetically.
  • X Icon  – This button on the top right side of each tune allows you the ability to delete the tune by just clicking on the X and the tune is deleted from your Playlist.
  • More Button – By clicking on the More Button, you are giving the option to do the following with each particular tune. The options are Move to top, Move to the Bottom, Add/edit notes (of tune), and Set as playlist thumbnail. By clicking on Move to top, the playlist will move to the top of the Playlist. By Clicking on Move to the Bottom, this helped me in rearranging the tunes when I was doing them by alphabet. When I clicked on Add/edit notes, I was able to add information to the tune that may not have been listed in the original description. Finally, this last button, Set as playlist thumbnail, gives one the ability to use a great artist or album cover as a thumbnail for this Playlist.

Ability to Edit or Move or Delete Tune

Here is a view of the More Button open up a drop-down menu. This particular menu allows you to Move to top, Move to bottom, Add/edit notes, or Set as your playlist thumbnail.

Ability to Edit Each Tune for Details

In this section of the Playlist, you have the ability to Add/edit notes. In the yellow box, I have added the name of the group and the song title. I found that most people that upload tunes to YouTube forget an essential point in the description or misspell a name or leave out some basic tune information. I like to have the name of the group or artist, in the beginning, name of the tune and the year that it was recorded

Now, I’ll take you through, randomly, a few of the assorted dialog boxes on this page that allow you to make several changes to the Playlist.

Add Videos to Playlist

This particular box allows you to Add videos to this playlist.

Play Selection Box

This dialog box allows you to Play all of the Playlist tunes.

How to Share This Playlist

By clicking on the Share button allows you to

Who to Share Playlist with Icons

At this point in my Playlist, I’m able to Share, Embed or Email my Playlist. The Share button allows you to Share with the following resources: Pinterest/Twitter/Reddit/Blogger/Facebook/


At this time, I did not click on the Embed or Email Button.

Playlist Settings

The Playlist Settings.

Playlist Settings Details

The Playlist Settings button takes you to this section which allows you to make changes to Basic, Auto Add and Collaborate. I did not look into at the moment.

Allows the ability to toggle Each Tune up and down

This section of the video has a small star icon that appears when you hover over the area with your cursor. The cross appears that you can use to take and drag the video up or down the section of the Playlist.

Search YouTube for Videos to Add to Playlist

When you click on Add videos, you will be brought to this menu page that lets you search for a particular video that you want to add to this Playlist.

Delete Playlist

All of these sections that I am highlighting in yellow and blue I am calling dialog/instruction boxes. This particular box gives you the options to Delete Playlist, Add all to, and Translate into.

Public Viewing Icon

This area highlights a Globe icon which allows everyone to see the video. If you click on the Globe Icon, it will take you to the Playlist Settings where you can make changes to who can see your videos.


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