greendougherty.Blog – Friday Roundup – November 24, 2017


A day early this week because it’s Thursday and it’s Thanksgiving and I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I’ve been doing this on the internet for over twenty years and wanted to share a major accomplishment on my end of putting all the videos (pictures in a video format) into one page.

I have added all the video links to my regular blog links below and will give you that for the moment because we have the oven cooking and expecting a lot of children, that’s seven little ones and their parents.

So, with that in mind, have a Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy all the videos and please leave a comment so that another person who will view the pictures can interact with you in sharing the memories.

I’ll try and leave a picture by the links for the videos but sometimes only the link will show up on Facebook from a YouTube video. It’s Macy’s versus Gimbel’s thing in the internet business.

Also, all the links on the bottom of the page can be clicked on and they will take you to my respective blogs. The links below the blog links are for each one of the social media sites that I have been putting my pictures on over the years. There are a lot of pictures on these media sites from the old Yorkville web site.

Now, getting back to the Friday Roundup.

Latest How To Video

Is It Green?

Palms of the Dougherty Garden

Yorkville Resources on the Net 


Irisha or Italiano

So You Served

So You Worked for Corporate America

Oldies (Doo Wop) Music

A Few Funnies From The Net

Jobs Out West


NOTE: Also, I’ll be doing an intro for the assorted groups on Facebook under my Admin and putting a new intro for each group and the respective videos that I have related to that facebook group. Like I said, use the comment section to engage other visitors who leave comments on the videos and not only the facebook postings.

That covers this week’s updates to Marty’s Blogs. I’ll be adding tunes to the Oldies (Doo Wop) Music over time as I go through my music collection and look for the same tunes on YouTube.

We’re getting close to getting a weekly rhythm on these blogs and the weekly roundup on Friday. I got thousands of pictures and tunes to share and hopefully I can find a way to fund the day to day operations. Having side dinero would give me peace of mind.


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