greendougherty.Blog – Friday Roundup – December 15, 2017

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Off to an early start this week with a doctor’s appointment on Thursday to get out of the way. We’re back to the garden and adding the new videos to the bottom of the Friday Roundup. I’m still working on my Dougherty Garden Playlists. Here goes with this week’s Friday Roundup.

Latest How To Video

Is It Green?

Palms of the Dougherty Garden

Yorkville Resources on the Net 


Irisha or Italiano

So You Served

So You Worked for Corporate America

Oldies (Doo Wop) Music

A Few Funnies From The Net

Jobs Out West

Latest videos from greendougherty


We’re getting close to getting a weekly rhythm on these blogs and the weekly roundup on Fridays. I got thousands of pictures and tunes to share and hopefully, I can find a way to fund the day to day operations. Having side dinero would give me peace of mind. Please use the Paypal site and add.comm after that name and use my email address.

Marty Dougherty #thememoryman #greendougherty



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