Greendougherty.Blog – Friday Roundup – November 3, 2017

This latest roundup covers the introduction of a video of Marie’s Italian Recipes on Stuffed Manicotti and added to the Irisha or Italiano blog. Also, I restarted the Picture Memories of Yorkville with the latest No. 06. Enjoy.

I finished this project last night and now will edit each alphabetical list for accuracy, spelling, and duplication of tunes.

Latest How To Video

Is It Green?

Palms of the Dougherty Garden

Yorkville Resources on the Net 


Irisha or Italiano

So You Served

So You Worked for Corporate America

Oldies (Doo Wop) Music

A Few Funnies from the Net

Jobs Out West

That covers this blog and the introduction of the new Favorite Tunes with my next favorite groups with the letter “G”. More Favorite Tunes will be released as soon as I get a chance to sit down and review another letter section of the listing.


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greendougherty.Blog – Nostalgia

000 elvis presley and tom jones

This is a short (with a few links…for now) directory of the blogs and videos related to Nostalgia and will combine all of the nostalgic material that I have collected over the years and will be effective from July, 2017. There are no videos for this nostalgia but most of the pictures are pinned on Pinterest

Today’s Latest Nostalgia

  • Featured Nostalgia


Pinterest – Oldies (Doo Wop) Music


That covers the set up of all the Nostalgia…now to link them.

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