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Off to an early start this week with a doctor’s appointment on Thursday to get out of the way. We’re back to the garden and adding the new videos to the bottom of the Friday Roundup. I’m still working on my Dougherty Garden Playlists. Here goes with this week’s Friday Roundup.

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Another one of the blogs that I do periodically is that of So You Worked For Corporate America. For now, I’ll put the link to the original So You Worked for Corporate America blog. As I do another new blog, I’ll do that one on a separate blog and add a link on the Master Index So You Worked for Corporate America.

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Let’s Look at Health Insurance Costs in the U. S. A.

This is just a peek at the people and companies in charge of healthcare costs in the United States of America and the poor darlings running this cash strapped business. My first step was to Google the names that were mentioned in my first search of this Obamacare system that befell us with the election of Obama. Here are  three companies mentioned in the article in 2008 and their respective stock prices: Humana – $17.85, Cigna – $12.77 and Wellcare – $6.51.

If you owned any of these stocks in 2008 and held on, you would have some serious money in 2016. In reality, people who were on the low end of the medical insurance market were people who didn’t have a spare buck or two to afford health insurance and received a susbsidy from the federal government to get health coverage. Hence, these people would not have seen any of this increase in medical insurance stock.

However, people who were invested in the stock market would have been an avid follower of the medical insurance market and an active investor in some of these medical insurance companies. Hence, they might have been bitching and moaning about the high cost of medical insurance premiums but would have been secretly chuckling at the large increase in their stock portfolio. Most people in the stock market follow closely the trends in companies and who is doing good and what kind of stocks should be in their portfolios. So, if these people bitched about the high cost of medical insurance premiums but were vested in the Stock Market in the right stocks, this medical insurance premiums increase wouldn’t have been a problem.

Recent activity of these stocks from Google:

In 2008, CIGNA stock was valued at $12.77. On October 25, 2016, according to the Google finding below, the stock was valued at $124.73, or, an increase of $111.96, an increase in the value of this stock of 877%.


In 2008, Humana stock was valued at $17.85. On October 25, 2016, according to the Google finding below, the stock was valued at $174.92, or, an increase of $157.13, an increase in the value of this stock of 880%.


In 2008, Wellcare stock was valued at $6.51. On October 25, 2016, according to the Google finding below, the stock was valued at $118.38, or, an increase of $111.87, an increase in the value of this stock of 1,718%.


These are only three stocks that were affected by the increase in premiums for Obamacare. All premiums are paid to the medical insurance companies and not the government. From what I know about the medical industry, the one person(s) who is making serious money in the medical business is the providor (the doctor or the medical facility). The medical community has one of the highest turnover rates in the employment business. Also, you can look at the TV and internet, the medical training industry is one of the most heavily advertised industries out there.

The entry level rate of pay is low, just like the retail industry but you don’t see schools all over the place placing ads for job training for the retail trade. The school training world is frought with the current student loan repayment debacle which is more than 1 Trillion dollars in debt. Quite a few seniors are having their Social Security payments reduced for making these payments. That’s just a private bitch about quite a few people that are obligated and paying out of their only resource, their monthly Social Security check from the government.

Here is another search on Google on Market peformance with the medical industry gettinga piece of the pie


S&P 500 ® Index
$20.32T +3.28%

Last % ChangeAS OF 04:34 PM ET 10/25/2016 Market Cap10/24/2016 1-Year % Change10/25/2016
Show Consumer Discretionary details

$4.39T Consumer Discretionary 1 year % change-0.40%
Show Consumer Staples details

$3.58T Consumer Staples 1 year % change+3.75%
Show Energy details

$3.48T Energy 1 year % change+1.67%
Show Financials details

$5.85T Financials 1 year % change+0.54%
Show Health Care details

$4.33T Health Care 1 year % change+0.17%
Show Industrials details

$3.27T Industrials 1 year % change+3.65%
Show Information Technology details

$6.42T Information Technology 1 year % change+9.63%
Show Materials details

$1.70T Materials 1 year % change+3.72%
Show Real Estate details

$1.07T Real Estate 1 year % change
Show Telecommunication Services details

$1.78T Telecommunication Services 1 year % change+5.37%
Show Utilities details

$1.12T Utilities 1 year % change+8.63%

 The above schedule shows that the Healthcare Industry is composed of 6 industries and represents approximately 20% of the S&P 500 Index, or, $4.33 Trillions dollars  and represented an increase of Health Care in 1 year, a change of +0.17%. That means the healthcare market is doing good. Source for these figures is the Fidelity Sectors and Industry Review.

That’s why I have a hard time crying over the cost of increased healthcare premiums and blaming it on Obamacare. I think that it is about time that Washington, D.C. takes a serious look at healthcare costs and starts to take a leadership role in making America the leader in providing healthcare at a low and affordable cost to all Americans. But then again, that’s just me.As my father-in-law would say in Italian, too many cafones running around in Washington, D.C.

Medical Costs – $230.00 for a Shoulder Immobilizer

Medical Costs – $230.00 for a Shoulder Immobilizer

A few circular metal loops and a section of black material sewn together with a shoulder and waist strap with velcro straps. These are the things that you hear about the United States Government buying from a large supplier. I wasn’t an end buyer but a recipient at the Emergency Room at Wellington Regional Hospital from a bad fall. The diagnosis was great and that I had injured my shoulder and that I had to have to be  immobilized for a time using this shoulder immobilizer.

The bill came in today from NOVA MEDICAL EQUIPMEMT and said that I owed $24.59. The surprise came when I took a close look at the bill and it said that the original price billed was the amount of $230.00. My insurance company paid about $98.00 of the total and disallowed about $107.00 with the remainder of $24.59 billed directly to me.


The one that is cirlced is very close to what I received at the hospial for immobilizing my shoulder.


I did a search on Google to see what a should immobilizer was going for and got a ton of responses. The above vendor sells a comparable product for $56.75. I’m still confused by this because of the price and can’t figure out why a company is billing me for a piece of material that if I knew what it was going to cost me, I could have gone home and took a towel and piece of rope to do the same thing and would not have felt violated.


A picture of the actual shoulder immobilizerlaying on my kitchen floor with tiles that are approximately 18″ by 18″. There is a shoulder strap and a waist strap to hold the shoulder immobilizer to the body with velcro straps. This cost $230.00. Stop laughing, it really costs $230.00.


A closer look at the linen material colored black with the tell tale black rings that hold the straps with velcro on the ends for strapping.

I’ll have to pay this bill but just wanted to pass on that if you come into the same situation that you can purchase this item on the internet and possibly via Amazon as you can see below, or, make your own.


The above assortment is an ad that you click on to see for a specific type of Shoulder Immobilizer that you will need. So, get a towel and a belt and tie it around your waist until you order one on the net or buy at a local supplier.

So, this is a start for me to share my favorite topics, getting screwed by the insurance industry. After a little research, we’ll find all those people that are making a ton of dollars on the back the poor slobs on the other end….the paying end.

Marty Dougherty @lookingforthecafones

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