greendougherty.Blog – Friday Roundup – December 8, 2017

Another heavy period on the computer this with getting a Playlist for Picture Memories of Yorkville together. Just finished this project earlier this evening and posted a link to several groups on Facebook. It’s basically 29 videos covering hundreds of pictures collected over the years on assorted websites.

So, with that project finished, on to another for next week, here goes with this weeks Friday Roundup.

Latest How To Video

Is It Green?

Palms of the Dougherty Garden

Yorkville Resources on the Net 


Irisha or Italiano

So You Served

So You Worked for Corporate America

Oldies (Doo Wop) Music

A Few Funnies From The Net

Jobs Out West


NOTE: Also, I’m still working on doing an intro for the assorted groups on Facebook under my Admin and putting a new intro for each group and the respective videos that I have related to that facebook group. Like I said, use the comment section to engage other visitors who leave comments on the videos and not only the facebook postings.

We’re getting close to getting a weekly rhythm on these blogs and the weekly roundup on Friday. I got thousands of pictures and tunes to share and hopefully I can find a way to fund the day to day operations. Having side dinero would give me peace of mind.


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Greendougherty.Blog – Friday Roundup – November 3, 2017

This latest roundup covers the introduction of a video of Marie’s Italian Recipes on Stuffed Manicotti and added to the Irisha or Italiano blog. Also, I restarted the Picture Memories of Yorkville with the latest No. 06. Enjoy.

I finished this project last night and now will edit each alphabetical list for accuracy, spelling, and duplication of tunes.

Latest How To Video

Is It Green?

Palms of the Dougherty Garden

Yorkville Resources on the Net 


Irisha or Italiano

So You Served

So You Worked for Corporate America

Oldies (Doo Wop) Music

A Few Funnies from the Net

Jobs Out West

That covers this blog and the introduction of the new Favorite Tunes with my next favorite groups with the letter “G”. More Favorite Tunes will be released as soon as I get a chance to sit down and review another letter section of the listing.


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greendougherty.Blog – Oldies (Doo Wop) Music Directory


This is a short (with a few links…for now) directory of the blogs and videos related to the Oldies (Doo Wop) Music and will be effective from July, 2017 and cover all the Playlists and individual groups featured that day. Also, new and older videos that are updated will be listed on this directory too. Enjoy.

Today’s Oldies (Doo Wop) Music Featured

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Martin Dougherty’s Playlists for Oldies (Doo Wop) Music

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Featured Groups

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Pinterest – Oldies (Doo Wop) Music


That covers the set up of all the Oldies (Doo Wop) Music…now to link them.

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greendougherty.Blog – Oldies (Doo Wop) Music – Moonglows


Here is another group from the 1950’s and that great music that came from that era. One of the groups that made a direct impression with their style of music is that of the Moonglows. Two leads from that group were Bobby Lester and Harvey Fuqua.

All these tunes from the Moonglows were found on You Tube with the ecxception of a few. I’ll go through a few of the tunes that were part of my favorites of all times and give them to you below.

Here is the link to the Moonglows and the 72 tunes that I found on You Tube. A few may be duplicates but most are later versions and Live sessions. Enjoy.

Most Of All

In My Diary

Please Send Me Someone To Love

I Knew From The Start


Over And Over Again

When I’m With You

Secret Love

See Saw

The Beating Of My Heart

Whistle My Love

That covers a few of the great tunes by the Moonglows. I may have missed a few of their great tunes but ave linked more that 60 tunes that are currently on You Tube. There are about ten plus which I came across a long time ago but are not part of the inventory on You Tube..


Marty Dougherty, the memory man #greendougherty


greendougherty.Blog – Oldies (Doo Wop) Music – Crests



Another group that falls into one of my favorite groups is that of the Crests, or, Johnny Maestro and the Crests. The lead singer of the Crests, Johnny Maestro, recently passed away and was overlooked by the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, unfortunately.

Fortunately, for the rest of us, we have all the recordings, and a few that I’m still looking for to share with everyone. My first memory of a tune by Johnny Maestro and the Crests is that of “My Juanita”. It was in the candy store on First Avenue on 91st Street and it would always be playing on the jukebox. Enjoy.

My Juanita by Johnny Maestro and the Crests

Another very popular tune form the Johnny Maestro and the Crests is that of Sixteen Candles, that was the age of most of the people that loved Johnny Maestro and the Crests.

Sixteen Candles by Johnny Maestro and the Crests

And the tune by Johnny Maestro and the Crests that had you dancing with your Sweetest One at the moment was “Sweetest One”. Enjoy.

Sweetest One by Johnny Maestro and the Crests

Also, there are a few other tunes that were sung by Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge. Here is one of those tunes.

Sixteen Candles by Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge

Check out the Martin Dougherty Playlists on You Tube


Marty Dougherty, the memory man #greendougherty





greendougherty.Blog – Oldies (Doo Wop) Music – Jazz Music


7-23-2017 1-16-20 AM

I have a true love for Oldies (Doo Wop) Music and have been calling all the posts Oldies (Doo Wop) Groups because almost all the music is centered around groups from the 1950’s. The majority of the music comes from groups from the 1950’s and some are with the lead singer for that group as they do a single after the group has met success. So, forgive the title, Oldies (Doo Wop) Groups, as that will be the primary title for all these posts.

Also, part of the music collection will feature another type of music or video theme every so often, and the title will stay the same but be included in a sub title. Pretty much like the above selection of Jazz music that I was introduced while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.

The Jazz music collection is centered around a Jazz period from the 1930’s that caught my attention and it was that of Benny Goodman with Sing Sing Sing at the Jazz Concert at Carnegie Hall in 1938. I still have the original LP album but was able to find the complete 12 minute recording on You Tube. Enjoy.

Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman at the 1938 Jazz Concert at Carnegie Hall

While in the U.S. Marines, I came across Timmy who introduced me to Ahmad Jamal and Nancy Wilson. Nancy Wilson, I’ll find out, but for now here is Ahmad Jamal with Poinciana. The other tunes is Moonlight in Vermont.

Poinciana by Ahmad Jamal

Moonlight in Vermont by Ahmad Jamal

Just a quick intro to one of the Jazz great is that of Al Jarreau and with George Benson on one tune that caught my attention with “Breezin”. Once you listen to Al Jarrean you just have to hear more. Enjoy.

Al Jarreau and George Benson

Breezin with Al Jarreau and George Benson

I just have to add Al Jarreau with Dave Brubeck with Take Five.

Take Five with Al Jarreau and Dave Brubeck

As to the rest of the tunes…enjoy. I’ll be adding more as memory comes back to me as to some Jazz greats.

Marty Dougherty the memory man #greendougherty


Oldies (Doo Wop) Music – Today’s Group – Gypsy Kings


Gypsy Kings

Introducing the Gypsy Kings

This is an unusual pick that came about when I was researching songs from the past. One tune that I like a lot is that of “Me And Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul. One has to hear Billy Paul and his rendition of “Me And Mrs. Jones” to understand why I like it….just listen to the song.

“Me And Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul

While looking at the the You Tube selection for “Me And Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul, I noticed that there were a few other tunes recorded by other artists of “Me And Mrs. Jones”. One struck me as unusual because it had a picture of Billy Paul with Chico and the Gypsy Kings.I thought that it was strange but was interested in hearing that rendition of ?Me And Mrs. Jones just to see how it sounded.

“Me And Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul with Chico and the Gypsy Kings

I knew after I heard this rendition that I had to check to see if there were any more great recording artists that did something like this with the Gypsy Kings. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any more U.S. recording artists that recorded with the Gypsy Kings but did find a popular tune called Volare, and it was with Penelope Cruz with the Gypsy Kings. Take a look.

“Volare” by the Gypsy Kings wih Penolope Cruz

That’s my introduction to everyone with the Gypsy Kings. They have a unique style at the end of most of their tunes which I enjoy every time I hear some of their tunes. A few other tunes that they play that come to mind are: Bamboleo, Pena Penita, and Boualem, just tio name a few that I enjoyed. I know that I missed a few while putting this page together and I’ll add them to the Gypsy Kings page when I get a chance.


Marty Dougherty, the memory man